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Mobile 1.4.5 description issue on IOS
28 May 2018 11:11
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If I should have put thin into the mobile forum. However I think it's more a bug that a Mobile feature. It seems only to be an issue in the IOS version for the mobile app and I have tested on an android tablet fine. I'm testing on the an iPhone 6s running both 10.2.1 and the previous version of IOS. I have also test on a new instance of Cyclos and the demo instance with the same result. I have also uninstalled the application and re-installed so any config should have been removed.The problem is simply that when the user attempts to make a payment the description field seems active bug the characters does not appear in the field. If one uses the ^ V buttons you can get one character in the field at a time and it displays it a the beginning of the field and gets submitted successfully.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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